The City of Sunrise has initiated the development of the East Sunrise Improvements Master Plan. The study area extends from University Drive east to the eastern City limits, including both sides of University Drive, and from Oakland Park Boulevard south to Sunrise Boulevard.
A Master Plan reflects a community’s long-range vision for the built environment of their neighborhood. It stimulates investment and redevelopment of non-residential areas, helps revitalize existing neighborhoods, and guides the appropriate use of land in order to protect the public health and safety and to promote overall quality of life. A Master Plan can help create a vibrant, healthy and sustainable community and improve citizens’ quality of life by identifying:

  • appropriate locations for commercial, residential, and mixed-use development;
  • locations where the City should consider increasing density, encourage redevelopment, or intervene in other ways;
  • opportunities to extend and/or improve open space, recreational areas, and civic facilities;
  • strategies for increasing economic development, private investment, and improving neighborhood aesthetics;
  • opportunities to further the City’s plans to improve connectivity between pedestrians, bicycles, buses, and cars;
  • environmental, historic, and cultural resources that need conservation; and
  • strategies for reducing congestion and improving transit services.

As a result, the Master Plan has a direct relationship to its citizens, whether you live, work, worship, or own a business in east Sunrise.
The Master Plan itself will be a document that shows east Sunrise as it is, recommends how it should exist in the future, and suggests specific strategies about how to achieve that future. The document will contain diagrams, aerial photos, maps, reports, and statistical information that support the community’s vision, and which will help guide future civic and private investment.


The Sunrise City Commission and City staff are committed to involving our residents, businesses, civic leaders, and other stakeholders in the development of the Master Plan. Working together through a series of public meetings and workshops, we hope to build consensus for a shared vision.


The Vision

The first step is to understand the City’s goals and objectives for revitalization, redevelopment, and new development. This process includes refining the proposed east Sunrise Vision Statement and other background material, facilitating public engagement, and capturing extensive community feedback.

Economic Development Assessment

The next step is to conduct a general market analysis to better understand the market demand and/or potential for the study area. This includes an evaluation of all sectors of the local economy in east Sunrise: commercial (retail, restaurant, and office), industrial, and residential. The assessment will also evaluate affordable housing conditions, cultural arts, recreational and social offerings, and public health and safety conditions.

Streetscape, Infrastructure & Transportation Analysis

This phase includes the evaluation of existing conditions for streetscape, transportation and transit needs, and connectivity – as well as the identification of potential improvements.

Redevelopment Opportunities

During this phase, existing conditions – including the area’s real estate market, development and investment climate, and regulatory structure – will be analyzed. There will also be a review of the City’s codes related to specific redevelopment opportunities, and a feasibility analysis of appropriate types of private investment.

Design Analysis

The next phase is an urban design analysis that includes proposed recommendations, a staff review, and public presentations.

The East Sunrise Improvements Master Plan

The consultant will provide the City with an explanation of market conditions, urban design and code analysis, along with proposed design recommendations that may become the basis for new land development regulations. Additional Master Plan components include an implementation strategy that identifies the specific actions needed, priority, timeframe, lead agencies/organizations, cost estimates, and funding sources.

What is the role of the public in the development of a Master Plan?

A Master Plan is a reflection of the community’s vision for the future. Therefore, public input and engagement is essential to delivering a Master Plan that accurately reflects the goals of the community.

Why should I participate in the Master Plan?

Your participation is important because the East Sunrise Improvements Master Plan will affect things you do every day – now and in the future. Master Plans guide City decisions about important issues like:

  • Economic development strategies for the study area;
  • Where the City should try to attract certain types of businesses;
  • What enhancements should be made to parks and recreation centers;
  • What improvements should be made to the streets to boost connectivity between pedestrians, bicycles, buses, and cars;
  • How to protect our natural resources;
  • Appropriate development patterns.

How can I get involved?

There are a number of great ways to get involved: